Some Notes:

The English language has no gender-neutral pronouns. So when the words man, he, him, etc are used, they mean "Generic human being" unless the context specifically says otherwise. Only women get words devoted just to them.

Thou, Thee, and Thine are singular pronouns. You and Your are plural in the 16th Century English the King James Bible was translated into. This actually makes the message clearer than our habit of using "you" as both a singular and a plural.

In many scriptures I have changed the King James (English) spelling to American spelling (labour=labor, for example. I understand those in England still spell it with a u). Also, in some scriptures I have changed the "-eth" to a simple "s." Spelling standards weren't set in English until the mid 1800's, well after the translating of the KJV. So I see no problem with making these simple changes that don't affect the meaning of the scripture but make it easier for our modern mouths and ears to deal with.

Exodus 37-Constructing the Ark

1 And Bezaleel made the ark of Achacia wood. He made it three feet, nine inches, by two feet three inches, and two feet, three inches tall.

2 And he covered it with pure gold inside and our, and made a crown of gold to it round about.  

3 And he cast for it four rings of gold, to be set in the four corners; two rings on each side.
4 And he made staves of Achacia wood, and covered them with gold.  

5 And he put the staves into the rings on the sides of the ark, to carry it with.  

6 And he made the mercy seat of pure gold, three feet and nine inches by two feet and three inches. 

The Mercy Seat was a sort of lid for the Ark. 

7 And he made two cherubims out of one piece of beaten gold, and put them on the two ends of the mercy seat; 

8 He molded the cherubim on each end of the atonement cover, making it all of one piece of gold.

9 The cherubim faced each other and looked down on the atonement cover. With their wings spread above it, they protected it.

The Table of Showbread

10 And he made the table of Acachia wood three feet by 1 1/2 feet. It was two feet, three inches tall. 

11 And he covered it with pure gold, and made it a rim of gold all around. 

12 Also he made it a border of four inches all around, and made  a crown of gold for it. 

13 And he made it four rings of gold and put them in the corners.

14 The rings were to put the staves in to carry the table and were by the border. 

15 The staves were made of Acachia wood and covered with gold. 

16 And he made the dishes which were on the table; plates, spoons, bowls, and covers for everything, all out of pure gold. 

The Lampstand

17 He made the candlestick of pure, beaten gold.  It had a shaft and branches, bowls and knobs, and flowers, all of the same piece of gold. 

18 It had six branches going out of the sides, three on each side. 

19 Each branch had three bowls that looked like almonds, a knob and a flower. All three branches were the same. 

20 And the center stem had four bowls made like almonds, with knobs and flowers. 

21 There was an almond bud beneath each pair of branches where the six branches extended from the center stem, all made of one piece.

22 Their knobs and their branches were all the same, all of one piece of pure, beaten gold.  

23 And he made it seven lamps, with snuffers, and snuffdishes, of pure gold.  

24 He used a talent of pure gold to make it all. 

The Altar of Incense

25 He made the incense altar of Acachia wood. It was 18 inches square, and 3 feet tall. 

26 And he covered it with pure gold, top and sides all around, as well as the horns on the corners. He also it a rim of gold all around. 

27 He made two rings of gold for it under the rim, in the corners in the two sides, to put staves in to carry it. 

28 And he made the staves of acachia wood, and covered them with gold.  

29 He made the holy anointing oil, and the pure incense of sweet spices, in the method of the perfumer